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In Artificial Realities, Leonardo Born, author of the suspense de mystery The Enigma of the Bible – The Tormenta, of the science fiction thriller Perfect Numbers and winner of the 2016 Off Flip Literature Prize with the dystopian tale, Os Twelve – Legends Never Die, presents four tales that range from dystopian realities, time travel, to the dilemmas of artificial intelligence.


Travel through unusual realities like in Electric Illusions, where a simple worker can discover that he is the key piece of a conspiracy that goes far beyond his understanding.


Observe a future in which plots such as O Homem Singular and O Mundo de Alice,  deal with delicate questions about ethics, feelings and human relationships with artificial intelligences.


Venture through space/time as you delve into a story about time warp with the touching tale A House on the Corner of Time.


With agile, direct and at times even poetic writing, the author delivers stories that are both charming and full of twists, which promise not only to hold the reader until the last page, but to leave everyone sitting on the edge of their chair waiting for the ending. surprising.

Artificial Realities

SKU: 0003

    Publisher: ‎ Leonardo Born; 1st edition (June 16, 2018)

    Language: ‎ English

    File size: 36.8 KB

    Number of pages:‎ 51

    Ranking of best sellers: #161,278 in Kindle Store 

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